Committee Officials

Executive Officers

Bill Card 
Vice Chairman                            
Bob Patten                       
Jo Watts
Bob Pugh 

Magisterial District Officers

Brentsville Chairman                  
John Hinkle  
Brentsville Vice-Chairman
Steve Danziger
Coles Chairman 
Ted Kirkpatrick
Coles Vice-Chairman
Dara Fox


Potomac Chairman

Tim Singstock

Potomac Vice-Chairman 
 Angela Beckles
Gainesville Chairman
Richard (Rick) Hyde 

Gainesville Vice-Chairman

Robert (Bob) Wyman 

Neabsco Chairman 
John Killian 
Neabsco Vice-Chairman 
Danielle Hollars 
Occoquan Chairman 
Billy Gallagher
Occoquan Vice-Chairman 
Alyssa Edson
Woodbridge Chairman 
Andrew Clark 


Woodbridge Vice-Chairman 

Republican Club Representatives

Bull Run Republican Women’s Club  
Alyson Satterwhite
(703) 754-0694
Barbara Bush Republican Women 
Jo Watts
(703) 494-4946
Prince William Republican Women 
Mary Cook 
(703) 878-0653
Kings Highway Republican Women’s eClub
Janet Gorn 
(703) 680-2810
Prince William Young Republicans
Stephen Spiker
(757) 618-0676


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