Results of today’s Republican Canvass Election:

Constitutional Offices:

  • Sheriff (Glen Hill vs. Mike Messier) WINNER: Glenn Hill
  • Clerk of Court (Michele McQuigg vs. Austin Haynes) WINNER: Michele McQuigg

Board of County Supervisors:

  • Chairman (Corey Stewart vs. Chris Crawford) WINNER: Corey Stewart
  • Coles Supervisor (Marty Nohe vs. Paul O’Meara) WINNER: Marty Nohe
  • Occoquan Supervisor (Ruth Anderson vs. Don Scoggins) WINNER: Ruth Anderson
  • Woodbridge Supervisor (Lee Price vs. Steve Champman) WINNER: Steve Chapman

CLICK HERE to view the preliminary vote breakdown.

CLICK HERE to view the press release.


The next PWC GOP is scheduled for:

Monday June 1st, 2015

This will be a special meeting to determine our endorsements for School Board Candidates in preparation for the November 3rd, 2015 General Election.  School Board Candidates seeking the Republican endorsement need to contact the Chairman Bill Card well before the meeting in order to participate: :

Monday Meeting April 2015

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