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PWC GOP – Meeting Call

Monday November 28th, 2016


Dear Friends,


As we reflect upon all that we have to be grateful for during this Thanksgiving season, we are especially thankful for the election of our next President Donald J. Trump as well as our Representatives Rob Wittman and Barbara Comstock. In celebration and in appreciation of all those who volunteered, we will be having a potluck for our November Committee Meeting. Please bring all of your Thanksgiving leftovers on Monday, November 28th, 2016, at 6:30PM, at Marsteller Middle School, 14000 Sudley Manor Drive, Bristow, VA 20136.


By the authority of the Plans of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia and the Prince William County Republican Committee, I hereby call a meeting of the Prince William County Republican Committee, to conduct its regular business on Monday, November 28th, 2016. The doors open at 6:30PM and the meeting will begin at 7:30 PM.  The meeting will be held at Marsteller Middle School, 14000 Sudley Manor Drive, Bristow, VA 20136.



All those with a last name beginning with A – M please bring a Thanksgiving side dish. All those with a last name beginning with N – Z please bring a salad or dessert.



This month’s outreach is the Lighthouse Ministry, which serves the homeless in Prince William County. We will be donating gently used winter apparel and propane heaters. You can bring these items to the meeting on Monday night or to the Hut, 4431 Prince William County Parkway, Woodbridge, VA 22192, at your convenience.


Please see the attached minutes from the October PWC Committee Meeting, which will be approved on Monday night.




  1. Call to Order – 7:30 PM


  1. Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance – 7:35 PM


  1. Approval of previous meeting’s minutes – 7:40 PM


  1. Treasurer’s Report – 7:45 PM


  1. Chairman’s Report – 7:55 PM


  1. Special appearance by our honored guest 8:00 PM


  1.  New Business – 8:10 PM

–  Community Engagement – DJ Jordan

–  Events – Operations- Tim Singstock


  1. Magisterial District Reports – 8:20 PM


  1. Report of Republican Clubs – 8:25 PM


  1. District Reports 8:30 PM


  1. RPV and Trump Team Announcements 8:35 PM


  1. Induction of New Members 8:40 PM


  1. Adjourn – 8:45 PM


The Chair reserves the right to recognize elected officials at any time for the purposes of remarks, announcements or a report. If you have an announcement that you would like to make during the Committee Meeting please submit your request to the Chair by next Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016.



Prince William County Republican Committee Meeting

October 24, 2016

Kelly Building

1.     Call to Order:  7:26

2.    Invocation and Pledge:  Steve Walters

3.    Approval of September minutes:  Approved

4.    Treasurer’s Report:  this period -$4,086.19 Funds on hand: $26,801.00

5.    Election Day Panel:  A Panel of Bob Watson, Tony Guiffrie and Robin Williams moderated by Tim Singstock discussed the possibility of voter fraud and how to spot it.  Questions were taken from the floor.

Delegate Bob Marshall spoke about why we must support and vote for Trump.

6.     Guest Speaker Delegate Rob Bell spoke about election fraud and getting out and working hard to get out the Vote for Trump.  We must unite and win.

7.    New Business:

a.     Election Day Information:  Tim Singstock:  Tim reported that our Trump signs are being taken down and destroyed.   We are replacing them as fast as we can.  Volunteers are needed to help replace the signs.  We need poll watchers and election officers.  Jacob, Angela and Tim will be putting buckets together Nov 3rd in Haymarket and need help.  You can pick up your buckets on the 4th.Thanks to Helen and Don Taylor for the use of their farm for our fundraiser.

b.    Community Engagement:  Vice Chair DJ Jordan:  We are united to win.  We have a write in candidate for the 11th for Congress Write in Chris Grose on election day. Thanked all who brought in warm clothing for the homeless and Street Light Ministries.

8.     Chairman’s Report:  We are planning a Countywide sign wave for Trump on Nov 6th and need leaders to help.

Reports of Magisterial Chairs:

a.     Brentsville:  N/R

b.    Coles:  N/R

c.    C.  Gainesville:  Steve Botello not available.  Bob Wyman reported we need more help and Steve in working on recruiting.  Carol fox is working on early voting at the Gainesville Library.

d.    Neabsco:  N/R

e.    Occoquan:  N/R

f.     Potomac:  Robert Breitenbach:  Busy putting out signs, attending rallies and meetings, building membership in Potomac, door nocking and Trump calling.  He thanked Donna Widawski , Angela Beckles Steve Walters for working so hard.  Steve Walters said all should see Hillary’s America.

g.    Woodbridge:  N/A

9.     . Reports of Clubs:

a.     BRRWC:  Jan Burch:  Holding Elections and selling bags to raise funds.

b.    PWRWC:  Marianne Gesotti:  Holding a Veterans Day Eve dinner at the Gesotti home on Nov. 10th. Will be voting for new Club Officers.

c.    BBRWC:  Holding elections for officers in November.

d.    KHRWEC:  N/A

e.    YR’s:  Erin Porch:  thanked the YR’s that went to the 5th to help candidates there.  Next meeting TBA.

10. District Reports:

a.     1st:  N/R

b.    10th:  N/R

c.    11th:  N/R

11. RPV and Trump Campaign Announcements:

a. Trump Field Director:  Angela Beckles is working with volunteers from the Trump lists and meeting at 11:00am daily to knock doors.  She spoke about all that has been done and what needs to be done.  More volunteers needed

b. RPV representative Erin Porch reports we need to push hard these last two weeks.  The Washington Post reported that the Dems have hired illegals to canvas in PWC.  Trump training Tuesday at 6:00 at the Hut.  Special Event at the VFW Post 1503 from 9 – 1 for breakfast and door knocking.  Come back for Lunch.

12. Election of New Members:  Douglas Balentine and Eugene Odell Smith

13. Member announcements:                                                                                         a. Shahdrick Samson, a prospective member commented on winning and thanked all for what they have been doing.

b. Don Scoggins expressed his thanks to all Republicans who attended the NAACP dinner.

c. Barbara Dodge spoke about she has knocked 80 doors and they were 3 to 1 for Trump

14. Adjourn:  9:20


Jo Watts,




Warm Regards,

Dottie Miller,




Welcome to Prince William County

Republican Committee!


The Prince William County Republican Committee serves the largest Republican constituency in the commonwealth of Virginia, by promoting conservative principles and Republican candidates who uphold those principles. If you are interested in becoming active in our committee, we would like to invite you to submit an application for membership. Click here to down the 2012-2014 PWC Republican Committee Membership Application This is an important election year for the state of Virginia and we sincerely hope that you can help our committee ensure the future prosperity of our county.