The Lincoln-Regan Dinner is almost upon us!  Don’t miss this great event and opportunity to join our great guests and sponsors.  Here is a partial list of sponsors and attendees so far:

Guest of Honor Ed Gillespie, Chairman Emeritus of the Republican State Leadership Committee

Ed Gillespie

Click here for an invitation from: Ed Gillespie

Current List of Sponsors:

Last Best Hope of Man on Earth

Lee Price, Candidate for Supervisor in Woodbridge

Mayor Hal Parrish, Candidate for Senate 29th District

Senator Richard Stuart Virginia’s 28th District

Freedom is a Fragile Thing

Tim Singstock, Candidate for School Board Chairman at Large

Clerk of the Court Michele McQuigg for reelection

Brendon and Rosemarie Xiques

Chris Crawford, Candidate for Chairman County Board of Supervisors

Chairman Bill Card

Paul O’Meara, Candidate for Board of Supervisors, Coles District

Manassas Park City Councilman Preston Banks

Steve Albertson, Chairman Stafford County Republican Committee

Austin Haynes for Clerk of the Court

Willie Deutsch for School Board (Coles)

Other Guests include:

Supervisor Maureen Caddigan for reelection

Mayor Jerry Foreman for Senate 36th District

Delegate Richard Anderson Virginia’s 51st District

Senator Dick Black Virginia’s 13th District

Chairman Corey Stewart Prince William County Board of Supervisors

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