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Some information on the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump –
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The Prince William County Republican Committee served meals to individuals at the Action in Community Through Service Shelter in Dumfries. Thank you ACTS for allowing us to serve the family shelter’s residents.



PWC GOP – Meeting Call

Monday September 26th, 2016

Dear Friends,

By the authority of the Plans of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia and the Prince William County Republican Committee, I hereby call a meeting of the Prince William County Republican Committee, to conduct its regular business on Monday, September 26th, 2016. The doors open at 6:45PM and the meeting will begin promptly at 7:00PM.  The meeting will be held at the Edward L. Kelly Leadership Center, 14715 Bristow Rd, Manassas, VA 20112.

Due to the Presidential Debate being held that evening we will be having an abbreviated meeting so that we can all watch Trump stump Hillary. We are excited to invite you to a Debate Watch Party sponsored by RPV and the Young Republicans. It will be held at the new Brew Republic Brewery owned by Jeff Frederick and located at 15201 Potomac Town Place, Woodbridge, VA 22191.

I am excited to announce that the Trump phone banking system, Trump Talk Virginia, is taking off this week. This system allows you to make phones calls from home or from the Hut so please check out the link that will be provided in a separate email. More information will be provided at the meeting.

In addition, we will be receiving a shipment of Trump products this week so come by the Hut to get yours.

At this month’s meeting the Potomac District will be caucusing to elect a new Magisterial Chair and Vice Chair as Angela Beckles will be stepping down in order to take on her new role as the PWC Trump Campaign Field Director.

Please attend and sign up to speak for citizen’s time for the very important upcoming School Board Meeting being held this Wednesday, September 21st, 2016, at 7:00PM, at Edward L. Kelly Leadership Center, 14715 Bristow Rd, Manassas, VA 20112. This meeting will be addressing unprecedented transgender issues and Gil Trenum’s replacement. Please contact your School Board Members to voice your concerns.

Please see the attached minutes from the August PWC Committee Meeting, which will be approved on Monday night.


1.  Call to Order – 7:00 PM

2.  Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance – 7:00 PM

3.  Approval of previous meeting’s minutes – 7:05 PM

4.  Treasurer’s Report – 7:10 PM

5.  Potomac District Caucus 7:15 PM

6.  Magisterial District Reports – 7:30 PM

7.  Report of Republican Clubs – 7:40 PM

9.  New Business – 7:45 PM
–  Community Engagement – DJ Jordan
–  Events – Operations- Tim Singstock

10.  Chairman’s Report – 7:50 PM

11.  Adjourn – 8:00 PM

The Chair reserves the right to recognize elected officials at any time for the purposes of remarks, announcements or a report. If you have an announcement that you would like to make during the Committee Meeting please submit your request to the Chair by next Wednesday, September 18th, 2016.

Minutes from Prince William County Republican Committee Committee Meeting
August 22, 2016
Kelly Building
1.    Invocation and Pledge:  Bob Breitenbach
2.    Approve Minutes from July Meeting:  Approved
3.    Treasurer’s Report:  Mario Beckles:  We have $30,578.00 in our account.
4.    Chairman Miller thanked Supervisor Candland for providing the ice cream for our social hour.  He has opened up a new ice cream shop in Haymarket.
5.    Special Speakers:  Tim Singstock introduced Colin Lee who spoke about one of the Amendments that will appear on the Ballot this year.  He explained the Right to Work Amendments and how it will affect us.
*D.J. Jordan introduced Tony Guiffre who spoke about Voter Fraud in the County and how it could get worse during this election cycle.  He is suggesting we have Poll watchers in every Polling place.
*State Senator Bryce Reeves is running for Lt. Governor in 2017 and spoke about what we need in the Commonwealth and why we need to win the Presidency this year.
*Patrick Gooley our RPV Rep spoke about the need to door knock and phone.
*Donna Widowski, the Volunteer Lead for PWC discussed her organization in the County.  Looking for retired military and police to work at the Polls
6.  Operations:  Tim Singstock:  He reported on the ACTS Dinner on August 30th.        We will be provide dinner at the Homeless Shelter in Dumfries.  The Fair was successful this year and we signed up 30 volunteers.
7.  Community Outreach:  DJ Jordan reported that we still have T-Shirts available for purchase.  He thanked all who brought school supplies for two title one schools in the County. Parkside and Sinclair Middle Schools.
8.  Reports of Magisterial Chairman:
Gainesville:  Steve Botello:  The Fair went well and thanked Don Howell for purchasing the TRUMP Hats that were offered as a donation.  He made a motion to purchase 1,000 bumper stickers for $320.00 to sell and get out to people.  Don Howell will pay the shipping.  After much discussion about if the whole Committee should vote on this and if it is legal to do this the motion was withdrawn.  After the meeting funds were collected to purchase the bumper stickers.  Don Howell will purchase them.  Steve mentioned a 15 min course online to do voter registration.
9.  Potomac:  Bob Breitenbach spoke about events he has been attending.  He has mailed out 400 letters looking for Precinct Captains in Potomac.  He got 2 volunteers.
10.  Republican Clubs:
*Barbara Bush RWC:  Angela Beckles reported on the We Love You Blue Event on September 24th.  Jo Watts added the Clubs latest functions.
*Bull Run RWC:  September 15th will hold a meeting inviting candidates to answer questions.
*Prince William RWC: Marianne Gesotti reported they are holding a Home Schooling Event at the Montclair Library on September 21st.
*YR’s:  Erin Lee reported on the successful Event at The Anderson’s home.  They had many new faces.  The next meeting will be on September 27th.
11.  District Reports:
* 1st:  Bob Watson reported that he has been attending meetings and events all over the area.  He said that there is a very important State Central meeting coming up.  They will be deciding the method of nominating candidates for the 2017 cycle.
*10th and 11th:  No reports.
12.  Chairman’s Report:  Chairman Miller announced that there are yard signs available and please take only one as we didn’t get many.  She asked for volunteers for the Fall Festival on October 16th at windy Knoll Farm.  She thanked Don Howell for having the Vets for Trump hats.
13.  Announcements from the Floor:  *Willy Deutsch announced that he will be walking for the Manassas ticket to help them win.  Please join the effort.
*Alyson Satterwhite reported on the Gil Trenum  replacement on the School Board while he is deployed.  A Press Release was sent out regarding the issue and was not voted on by the Board as required.  Any Brentsville resident may place their name in nomination for the temporary position of Supervisor of Brentsville on the School Board by this Wednesday.  A meeting will be held on September 7th and on September 21 there will be a vote.  Alyson hopes that all will vote as Cmdr Trenum wishes.
* Jeanine Lawson spoke of the need to support The Trenum Family.  Cmdr. Trenum left for combat training this week and will be gone for a year.
14.  Admission of New Members:  Donald Howell, Scott Strider, Chase Sawyer, David Rogers, Ben and Caroline Beliles, Reinstate Richard Dunn

Adjourn:  9:20
Submitted Jo Watts,

Warm Regards,
Dottie Miller,




Seals of State, Federal and Local Government

Dear Prince William Friends, Families, and Neighbors,

At 7 pm this Wednesday, June 22nd, Congressman Rob Wittman (R-VA 1st), Delegate Rich Anderson (R-51st), and Supervisor Ruth Anderson (R-Occoquan) will host a joint federal-state-local town hall. The event will be held in the Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chambers at the James J. McCoart Government Center, 1 County Complex, Woodbridge, VA 22192.

During the event, the three elected officials will discuss current issues of interest to citizens, and a question and answer period will follow. The event is an official constituent function that is open at no cost to all citizens of Prince William County, particularly the jurisdictions represented by the three officials. No RSVP is required.


Republican National Convention

Date: July 18-21, 2016     Location: Quick Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH

Positions to elect: Republican nominee for President and Vice President



Information and filing forms for the Quadrennial GOP Convention HERE.



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